What is polymorphism?

When is polymorphism used?

Difference of Polymorphic and Abstract Classes

Today I want to write about dockerizing a python app, for instance, a python script.

Let’s imagine we want to run this script in different machines and we can’t control what python version they have, or even worse, we don’t know if python is installed or not, and what dependencies…

Today I’ve had to install Gedmo Translations into a Symfony 4 app and I had some trouble, so after fixing them problems I thought of writing them down in case someone else can benefit from it :)

Let’s start fromt he begginig.

Create a Symfony 4 project

What usually happens

“Great, I’ve just finished this new feature and it works perfectly, let’s merge it with the rest of the code so the team can now benefit from it..”

git add .
git commit -m "-blablabla"
git flow feature finish "blabla-feature-name"
git push origin develop

“Oops, I forgot to pass tests…

Joey Masip Romeu

Coder, Entrepreneur, Co-founder at SlowCode

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